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XianGe Braided Waxed Thread - 0.45mm (60m)

XianGe Braided Waxed Thread - 0.45mm (60m)

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  • Available in 0.45mm 
  • Eight polyester braided thread
  • Smooth, strong and wear-resistant

XianGe is a very strong, woven polyester thread (cord) for hand sewing. The outer layer consists of eight high-strength polyester fibers with a cross (reticular) structure. Round, smooth, moderately soft and elastic, fits well in the seam, easy to use. The stitching stitch can be made by melting the thread tip. It has a special tensile strength and abrasion. The thread is dyed at high temperature and pressure, so the colors will not fade and fade with time. The thread is ideal for hand-sewing leather goods (saddles, belts), sewing seat belts, sports equipment, car covers (tents), upholstery, etc.

This is a luxurious thread with saturated colors

Diameter (approx.) Length (meters / coil)
M40 (0.45mm) – 60m

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