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Embossing Block - 240 Mandala (Flower)

Embossing Block - 240 Mandala (Flower)

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Take your product to the next level with these beautiful embossing blocks.

Embossing blocks are to be used on vegetable tanned leather, and provides an easy way to emboss beautiful patterns onto your leather.

Dimensions: 80mm in diameter

A clicker press machine or a woodworkers vice is required to use this embossing block.

How to use:.
• Wet your leather and wait for 5 minutes to ensure the water is completely absorbed.

• After 5 minutes, remove the leather from the water and let it dry until there is no water on the surface of the leather.

• Place the stamp on the leather.

• Apply even pressure to the whole surface of the stamp. We recommend a Wood Worker's Vice or a Clicker Press machine.

Even though this embossing block is 5mm thick, make sure that the stamp is not bigger than your leather piece you are using, as you could damage your stamp due to uneven pressure.

Your vegetable tanned leather should be least 1,4mm thick to achieve the best results

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